About Us

Relax, You’re in safe hands

Explore Wealth Management Ltd are a firm of Independent Financial Advisers based in Cramlington, Northumberland who, since 1978, have been providing financial planning solutions for our many and varied clients. We are directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. As we are not part of or controlled by any larger organisation we can therefore offer totally unbiased recommendations from the whole of the market place. 

We are very proud of who we are and see ourselves as a truly visionary company which strives to provide an exceptionally high level of service.

What do we stand for

We firmly believe in a better financial advice world where people have total confidence in the Financial Adviser they are speaking to, where they know the Adviser really cares about their needs and who can help them create and maintain a  plan to help them achieve their life’s financial goals.

We firmly believe we have created that here.

Our offices today - Explore House in Cramlington

Our offices today – Explore House in Cramlington

Why we feel that way

First and foremost we really care about our clients and their financial wellbeing.

This is demonstrated  by the fact that our client service philosophy revolves around doing the very best we possibly can for you the client whereas many other Advisers services are just geared towards persuading  you to buy a financial product.

We also believe that many Advisers have far too many clients whereas we have purposely restricted our services to a limited number of clients where we are confident we can provide an excellent service.

What separates us from the others

In order to cater for your real needs and help you identify and achieve your real financial goals our service involves four key stages as follows:-

Stage one

We find out a little bit about you and in turn you also find out a little about us. We will find out where you are now, how you got to where you are now, and more importantly, where you want to get to in the next 5 /10/20 years.

This initial meeting is at our expense and if we both feel we can provide value to your financial well being then we can proceed to the next stages.

Stage two

We identify what financial resources you have available to you now and all the financial resources becoming available to you in the future.

Stage three

More importantly we also help you identify all the resources that you might need to become available in order to satisfy the needs of your “life plan.”

When we have this information we then put together a comprehensive plan which will show you how your financial future looks like and what action you might need to take to achieve your goals.

Stage four

When we’ve discussed and agreed upon a financial plan IF any financial products are needed to help satisfy your financial plan, IF they are, then we’ll identify the right financial products or investment from the whole of the market place that should be implemented to achieve your goals.

Need more convincing

Don’t just take our word for it. Visit our testimonials page which includes video and written testimonials from several of our happy clients.

Hopefully you will now see that we do things differently to most Advisers who may just try and get you to buy a financial product. It’s only after knowing and understanding what you are trying to achieve, that we may make a recommendation to purchase a financial product AND for the right reasons.

For an initial consultation at our expense telephone 0191 2851555 or email enquiries@explorewealth.co.uk