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Generally speaking, most Financial Advisers review the underlying funds that clients are invested in on a periodic basis, which tends to be every year or at a review meeting or even less frequently depending on the level of service provided.

This means that between these review meetings, the actual performance of the funds that your pension or investment is invested within are not being actively monitored on your behalf by your Financial Adviser.

At Explore Wealth Management Ltd we believe that some clients would prefer the peace of mind that a more frequent and proactive review service for your underlying investment funds can bring, and as such we offer a service where by your funds are monitored and managed by us on a monthly basis.

We are one of a limited number of Financial Advisers in the UK who offer this type of service for our clients.

To find out more about how this works click on the video below for an explanation of the ‘Clever Adviser Monthly Monitoring system’, or contact us today by using the contact details at the bottom of this page.