Our Promise and Approach

Why are we Financial Advisers?

Everything we do is inspired by you as our pleasure comes from helping you achieve your hopes and dreams through sound financial planning.


What do we stand for

We firmly believe in a better financial advice world where people have total confidence in the Financial Adviser they are speaking to, where they know the Adviser really cares about their needs and who can help them create and maintain a plan to help them achieve their life’s financial goals.

We firmly believe we have created that here.


Our Offices today in Cramlington

Why we feel that way

First and foremost we really care about our clients and their financial wellbeing.

This is demonstrated by the fact that our client service philosophy revolves entirely around doing the very best we possibly can for you the client.

We also believe that many Advisers have far too many clients whereas we have purposely restricted our services to a limited number of clients where we are confident we can provide an excellent service.


Our Promise

If you are in any way dissatisfied with the service provided we will gladly refund you the fee charged for the service. This we feel sets us apart from other Financial Advisers as we offer this guarantee based on our confidence in what we do here for clients and the level of attention we give to all our clients’ needs.

We will go to great lengths to ensure that we have provided you with appropriate recommendations; however, our advice is guaranteed in that if something happens and it is our fault we will take steps to ensure you are not financially disadvantaged.