Mid Life

Are you starting to think ahead to retirement?

Explore Wealth Management can offer a range of services to help you start planning ahead for your financial future.

Most new clients come to us with existing financial products they have acquired over the years, often unsure as to what they are really invested in and the financial risks involved with this. Many have found their adviser has either retired or worked for a company that no longer provides advice as is the case with many of the high street banks.

Does this sound like you? If so we can help.

Over your working life you may have acquired employer sponsored pensions or pensions taken out privately by yourself. We help clients track down these pensions, then evaluate these to assess what they will provide you at retirement. This will help you have a clearer idea of what future income you have when you decide to retire and therefore assist you in planning towards this.

Many clients come to us with a mixture of assets such as pensions, ISA’s, bank accounts, bricks and mortar to name just a few. We help to quantify what these assets mean for you in terms of providing your income needs to meet your expenditure needs after you stop working.

This can help provide with what we like to call ‘the big picture’ in terms of helping you identify if and when you can afford to retire. We can also assess if you are likely to run out of money in retirement.

Above all else, we listen to your needs and create a personal solution that works for you.

Contact us and take the first step towards building your own financial plan to suit you and your goals.