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Explore Wealth Management in The Journal

01 November 2016

You may have noticed that Explore Wealth Management featured in the Wealth & Investment Management supplement in The Journal on the 21st of October 2016. The article talks about the type of services we provide for clients here at Explore Wealth Management Ltd and also our ranking in the Top 250 IFA's in the UK as voted by clients via the 'Vouched For' website. If you missed the article click on the below to open up a copy of this.                      /media/1876/journal-21st-october.pdf   (Read More)

Football club nets new deal with Explore Wealth Management

19 September 2016

Explore Wealth Management, one of the North East’s longest established independent financial advisers, has teamed up with a local football club to help them relocate to new and better facilities. With the help of sponsorship from the Cramlington-based firm, Cramlington Town FC has expanded to a new site at East Hartford, in addition to its original location at Cramlington Sporting Club. The new playing fields include one full size pitch, one nine-a-side pitch and two mini-soccer pitches. Stephen Sumner, managing director of Explore Wealth Management said: “It is a pleasure to support Cramlington Town FC and see the facilities improve. The club is an important part of the community and the new pitches at East Hartford will enable more children and adults to ...  (Read More)

Brexit and the myths behind this

14 June 2016

'Brexit' is shorthand for a Br(itish) exit from the EU. The precedent was set by the Greek crisis, where 'Grexit' was used to describe the possible exit of Greece from the euro currency and the EU as a whole.   On Thursday 23 June, there will be a referendum on whether the UK should remain in the European Union (EU). The voting options will be "Remain a member of the European Union" or "Leave the European Union". Should the latter gain more votes, this would lead to 'Brexit'.   With so much reporting in the media claiming all sorts of implications for staying or leaving the EU, see below a link to a website that provides more information regarding the various myths that are being discussed frequently, such as the impact on immigration and the economy.   htt...  (Read More)

How to spot a pension scam

08 June 2016

Pension scams are sadly on the rise as new pension flexibility rules have attracted fraudsters who tend to target those in their 60’s with pension pots in excess of £10,000.   If you have any concerns about pensions cams contact us or click on the link below for guidance as to how to spot a pension scam.      (Read More)