Pension advice lays the foundation for construction industry consultant’s life ahead

Thursday 09 May 2019

Making pension and retirement plans can be two of the most important decisions people have to make in their lifetime, which is why turning to a professional for expert advice can alleviate that pressure.


One person to do just that is 59 year old, health and safety consultant, Kevin Wood of Swarland near Morpeth. Kevin is married to Vivienne.  He has a son Darren, a stepdaughter, Sophie and a granddaughter, Martha.


Kevin sought financial advice from family-run Explore Wealth Management – who were able to help map out his future plans. Kevin is currently semi-retired and works 3 days a week for a local construction firm.


Kevin said: “It has always been my long-term goal to retire at some point in my sixties after enjoying a successful professional career, with the years ahead giving me the opportunity to spend more time with my family and explore everything the world has to offer.”


Kevin has been lucky enough to travel around Europe throughout his working life taking in places like Italy, Holland, Germany and France but they were whistle-stop visits, and in his retirement years he intends to return to some of the locations for a longer stay to absorb the heritage and culture.


Kevin already had a trusted 25 year affiliation with Explore Wealth Management as he used their services in many guises during his professional career. Kevin said he was initially cautious when striking up a rapport with a financial advisor but Explore always put him at ease. He said: “The great thing about Explore Wealth is the way they explain quite complex things in Layman's Terms. They are able to advise about any potential investment pitfalls and never pigeonhole your circumstances.


“I was comfortable chatting with the team about how to prepare for important purchases like a new house or a new car. I felt very reassured that my finances would be in good shape.”


Steve Cattle, Senior Financial Adviser at Explore Wealth Management, said: “People sometimes find it difficult to talk about their finances as money is a very serious matter and an important part of our daily lives. We totally understand this as our approach is to always appraise each and every customer on an individual basis.”


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