Advice during retirement

This service is designed to help you decide which route to take with your retirement income planning.

Your Investments

Concerned about your savings and investments and if they are still invested in the right place? Most retired clients come to us seeking guidance on existing investments, often unsure as to what they are really invested in and the risks involved with these. Now that you are retired your outlook on risk may have also changed significantly since you first invested. We can help you review all existing savings plans to make sure they are still right for you and your current needs as well as advising on the investment of new capital.

Retired clients also often have newly acquired capital (inheritance/pension lump sums/result of downsizing etc), which they require advice on investing to generate an income and/or growth for their future.

Cash Flow Forecasting

We can also provide you with an in depth cash flow analysis for your financial future, to show you how long your funds will last you in various scenarios. Cash flow forecasting can help identify by what method you provide your retirement income and also the level of risk you need to take to achieve your retirement goals. All of this helps to give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your retirement, rather than worrying if your assets will indeed sustain you for your retirement.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Start to plan for Inheritance tax and the transfer of assets to those you wish to benefit from your estate.

We can help you plan for the transfer of your assets in a tax efficient manner to your loved ones to ensure they benefit from your years of hard work and minimise any tax payable as a result.