Pre-retirement advice

Running a Business, Growing Family, Divorce, Bereavement most things in life have financial implications.

Explore Wealth Management look after you and your finances when you need us most.

This service is designed to help you get ready for retirement as you approach this significant time in your life.

The pension consolidation service

Over your working life you may have acquired employer sponsored pensions or pensions taken out privately by yourself. We help clients track down these pensions, then evaluate these to assess what they will provide you at retirement. This will help you have a clearer idea of what future income you have when you decide to retire and therefore assist you in planning towards this.

Choosing how to access your pension funds

Confused about your options at retirement? We will explain all the available routes in plain English and help you select the most appropriate one for you.

We fully appreciate this is a significant time in your life and the decisions made at this point can be really important in terms of your financial future. We take the trouble to explain to you in a simple, easy to understand way, the options open to you and the risks involved with each option.

Having assessed your circumstances we will also advise which option we feel is best suited to your retirement needs.

Cash Flow Forecasting

If required, we can also provide you with an in depth cash flow analysis for your financial future, to show you how long your funds will last you in various scenarios. Cash flow forecasting can help identify by what method you provide your retirement income and also the level of risk you need to take to achieve your retirement goals. All of this helps to give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your retirement, rather than worrying if your assets will indeed sustain you for your retirement.