Why Choose Us

What we do well

Deciding how to invest your pensions and other savings is a once in a lifetime decision.

What we do well is to guide you through a tried and tested process so that your money is invested as safely as possible, which will then enable you to enjoy the best retirement possible, free from financial worry.

So if you're aged 55+ and you're looking for professional, affordable advice on pensions, retirement planning or investments, you've come to the right place!

Although we are qualified to provide advice on a broad range of financial topics, we work best with people who are senior managers, professionals or business owners who have pension funds or other savings worth over £125,000 and are seeking guidance so that they can live a richer life at retirement. 



Why should you choose Explore Wealth Management?

We firmly believe in giving guidance and advice rather than simply providing you with information.

To us, financial advice is not about persuading you to buy a finance product, it is about providing you with sound advice and recommendations to help you make the most of your money.

Our advisers will always provide you with an honest appraisal of your situation.

As part of our service, we will take you through a cash flow planning process where we look at your current assets and your future plans and use these to formulate a personalised financial plan to show you how you can achieve your financial goals.

We are directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and not part of or controlled by any larger organisation.

This means we can offer totally unbiased recommendations from the whole of the financial market place without any influence from an external shareholder such as a Bank or Building Society.

Sometimes people think that financial advisers only deal with individuals of significant wealth. While we assist people from all walks of life, we specialise in those aged 55+ with pensions and/or investments valued at or above £100,000.

These are the people we feel we can provide significant value for money for in terms of financial planning.

If you are dissatisfied in any way with the service you receive at Explore Wealth Management, we guarantee that we will not charge you for the service you have received.

We feel that this sets us apart from other Financial Advisers as we offer this guarantee based on our confidence in what we do for clients and the level of attention we give to all our clients’ needs.

If you would like to find out more about how Explore Wealth Management could help you plan ahead for your financial future, call us today on 0191 285 1555 to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our friendly team of advisers.

This initial meeting will take about 30 minutes and is completely free of charge.