Case Studies

Are you looking for an independent financial adviser to help you manage your money? Read our case studies below to see how we helped some of our existing clients to achieve financial peace of mind.

Counting down to retirement

Retirement is something that most people look forward to but sometimes uncertainty over not knowing how much income they will receive and whether they can afford to get by can cause some anxiety.

One of the first questions people generally ask when they start thinking about retirement is: ‘Will I have enough money to live on for the rest of my life and be free of financial worry?’ Other commonly asked questions include: ‘Can I still afford to go on holiday as often?’, or ‘Can I still afford to replace my car every few years?’

Explore Wealth Management client, Mr Howard, was no different. He came to us to find out whether he could afford to retire earlier than he had originally planned and whether he would have enough money to live on.

Having sadly lost his wife at an early age, Mr Howard was acutely aware of how short life can be and he wanted to retire while he was still young enough to enjoy himself without risking his future financial security.


How we helped

We helped Mr Howard compile a list of his expenditure needs in retirement and obtained detailed information as to the values of his assets, including his pension fund values and other savings. We were then able to complete an in-depth cash flow forecast analysis to provide him with the reassurance that his assets could sustain him for life if he chose to retire immediately.Wealso provided him with a detailed recommendation showing him how to generate tax-efficient income from his pensions and other savings during his retirement.

With the help of the cash flow forecast service we provide, we were able to show Mr Howard exactly how much he could afford to spend in each year of his retirement, allowing for more significant spending in the early years whilst he is young and fit enough to enjoy life to the full, and then slow down in later years.

As a result of our advice, Mr Howard is now confident in the understanding he can afford to retire, but not only that, he knows exactly how to handle his finances so that he can both enjoy himself and be free from financial worry for the rest of his life.

Getting a financial foot on the property ladder

Between deposits and conveyancing fees, buying a house for the first time can be a costly business. Despite the number of financial incentives available to first time buyers, for many young people, taking the first step onto the property ladder can be extremely difficult.

More and more frequently, the bank of Mum and Dad are having to step in to enable their children   into the housing market, which is exactly what happened when Explore Wealth Management clients, Mr and Mrs Pattinson* came to us to discuss the possibility of releasing cash from their pension pot in order to help their daughter to buy her first house.

Because our client’s daughter didn’t earn a big salary, she needed to find a deposit of £50,000 to buy the house that she wanted.


How we helped

Taking advantage of the new rules around pension freedoms, which enables private pension holders over the age of 55 to release cash from their pension pots whenever they like, we were able to assist the clients in releasing £50,000 from their pension in order to help their daughter and make the property more affordable.

As an added bonus, we also managed to secure the client a relatively high income from their remaining pension fund which they plan to use to supplement other sources of income and enjoy themselves with during their retirement.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, or in deposit accounts…

The banking crisis of 2007 left the interest rates available on savings deposit accounts at an all-time low, a slump which the economy is still recovering from to this day.

Though traditionally, banks and building societies were a good place to place to invest your money, there are now lots of new, innovative ways to protect and even grow your hard-earned cash which can still provide you with instant access to your savings should a financial emergency arise.

We recently met with a couple, Mr and Mrs Faulder, who traditionally liked to keep their savings in cash, but over time had seen the return they received from their deposit accounts dwindle to levels which were not sufficient to maintain the real value of their savings.


How we helped

After establishing their views on investment risk, we were able to find a suitable low risk investment plan that provided Mr and Mrs Faulder with a rate of growth in line with inflation so that their money would maintain its value.


As a result, Mr and Mrs Faulder are now much more comfortable with the performance of their savings and have been reassured that their current situation will provide them with the financial security they are looking for in their retirement.

Risk and reward

With any kind of investment you make, there is naturally a level of risk involved.

At Explore Wealth Management, we always aim to match the investments we make on behalf of our clients with our clients’ individuals views on financial risk in order to ensure that they’re as comfortable as they can be with the level of risk they’re taking with their finances.

A client came to see us who, following the advice of another Financial Adviser, had invested a significant amount of their life savings into a more speculative investment, however, even after a long period of time, their investment was still valued at less than the sum they had initially paid in. Naturally, this had left the client, Miss Thomas, feeling more than a little disappointed!


How we helped

Explore Wealth Management’s specialist Advisers reassessed Miss Thomas’ attitude towards investment risk and altered the underlying investments to match her more cautious attitude to taking risks. Asa result, we have secured healthier investment returns in line with her requirements  and have managed to increase the value of her investment beyond the  amount she initially paid in.


Miss Thomas is now much more comfortable with the level of risk she is taking with her money and the investment return she is receiving on her savings.

Family fortunes

In today’s modern society, there is no such thing as a typical family number. The rise in the number of people getting divorced and re-marrying later in life is on the rise which generally means that families are getting bigger.

We recently met with a couple, Mr and Mrs Reveley, who both have children from previous marriages, and now having re-married, found themselves with a sizeable mortgage and several children to provide for, relatively late in life.

Their main concern was that they did not have sufficient assets and savings to support themselves and their family should either of them die suddenly or fall seriously ill whilst the mortgage remained.


How we helped

Within their budget, we were able to provide them with a recommendation as to suitable life insurance plans, helped them assess how much life insurance cover was needed and at an affordable price. For them, this removed a lot of financial worry, giving them the peace of mind to get on with their day to day lives.


We also came up with a plan to enable them pay off their mortgage much sooner than anticipated and which gave them the freedom to retire with no borrowings.